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What Do The People You Love Want Their Future to Look Like?

I met a young man the other day. He’s 16 and is pursuing a dream with a focus I’ve rarely seen in someone that age. He’s six months in to getting his private pilot license through classes at his school. He also attends leadership training camps around the country that are flying focused. His goal? He wants to be a military pilot and eventually an airline pilot. I was so impressed with the planning he and his parents had put in place for him to achieve his goal, his dream.

While not everyone has that kind of singular focus, all of us have an idea of what we want our futures to look like. Some things might be silly and inexpensive like sky diving on our 50th birthday. Some are more serious like pursuing a college degree once our kids are grown, or grown enough that we have time to chase our dream. We might want to move closer to family and with the price of real estate now, that’s a big ticket item.

Of Course We Want Dreams To Come True

Most dreams come with a price, and, unless we’re just mean, we want our loved ones to have that opportunity. In the case of the 16 year old I talked about above, it takes both parent’s incomes to keep that dream alive. In his case he works also and adds his income into paying for flight lessons and camps. It doesn’t take the entire family income, of course, but if one of parents isn’t in the picture, things get tough and something has to be put on hold.

Yes, I’m going to bring it up and ask again. Don’t you have a friend or family member that has died prematurely? It can be an accident or cancer, or it could be something out of the blue like the blasted Covid pandemic, but people we know or hear about die way before they should have. Of course that will never happen to use, right? That’s the exact same thing those people who died way too soon believed. Don’t you think, if they could, they would go back and buy the life insurance they blew off when they were alive and healthy?

Bottom Line!

All of us who are married occasionally bring up that we want to grow old together, but it just isn’t guaranteed. The question comes down to, if something does happen, do we really want our spouse to grow old struggling to make ends meet? Or do we want them to have dreams come true? Life insurance isn’t complicated and it isn’t expensive. My name is Ed Hinerman. Let’s talk! Don’t want to talk? Life insurance can be done quickly and electronically. Just get it done and protect your family’s future.


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