Real-life Rock-Climbing Travel Insurance Claim Experience

What does your ideal vacation look like? Are you a sun, surf, and sand type of traveller? Or do you like to push the limits and explore the great outdoors? Whatever type of traveller you are and wherever you’re headed, you’ll want to be prepared for unexpected accidents and emergencies. That’s where travel insurance comes in.  

Anything can happen when you’re away from home, and having the right travel insurance can save you from a financial disaster. So before you travel, make sure you have a comprehensive travel insurance plan. That way, whatever adventure awaits, you’ll have the coverage you need to travel with peace of mind.  

That’s what 19-year-old Trevor* did; he purchased TuGo’s Sports & Activities Coverage which helped him after having an incident in the US. Read his story below.  

Man suffers fractured back and foot while climbing in Utah 

Trevor was rock climbing down the side of a mountain with his brother, Geoff, when he slipped and fell 50 feet, fracturing his back and foot. Geoff called an ambulance, and the two were taken to the nearest hospital. Doctors initiated immediate surgery for Trevor’s spinal injury.  

After 7 days in the hospital, Trevor was discharged. However, he was instructed to rest and recover a little before travelling home to Canada, so he booked 6 days at a motel. 

Travelling with TuGo’s travel insurance coverage 

US healthcare costs can quickly add up, especially when surgery is involved. Trevor’s Canadian provincial health plan covered less than 1% of the total bill. Therefore, his treatment would’ve put him in serious debt, costing him over $202,000 if he hadn’t added Sports & Activities Coverage to his travel insurance

When you participate in different sports and adventures while travelling, it does come with risk. Therefore, coverage for unforeseen circumstances will always be the best way to go. Accidents do happen, and having a comprehensive travel insurance plan will allow you to take your adventure to the next level, knowing you’re covered for the unexpected. 

If you have questions about Sports & Activities Coverage, leave us a comment below. We’re happy to help.  

*Based on actual claim with specific traveller details changed to protect privacy. 

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