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Planned Parenthood is a non-profit organization in the USA that helps people with their sexual health and children bearing. It focuses on assisting people in planning how they will bear children, to ensure they only carry children that they are in a position to take care of. Can one get health insurance for planned parenthood services? Planned Parenthood services are available to walk-in patients. A number of the services offered by planned parenthood are free as well.

Health Insurance for Planned Parenthood

To get a better perspective of how health insurance works with planned parenthood, let’s first explore the kinds of services they offer. Planned Parenthood provides functions such as birth control, emergency contraception, long-term reversible contraception, cervical cancer screening, breast examinations, prenatal care, treatment of STIs, and counseling and sex education.

Many of the services that only involve consultation and guidance are offered for free at planned parenthood. Testing and treatment services will attract a cost. That is where your health insurance coverage kicks in. Planned parenthood works with a lot of health insurance providers in the USA and Canada.

Will your ordinary health Insurance coverage pay for the services you get at planned parenthood?

The health services offered by planned parenthood are the same as the ones you’d in any other health facility that deal with sexual health. If you have to go through any treatment, your health insurance cover should foot the costs.

As mentioned above, planned parenthood offers some testing services. Your health insurance might not cover any testing and consultation costs at planned parenthood. When it comes to pregnancy and childbirth, most insurance covers will cater to your prenatal care and childbirth costs. Planned parenthood offers safe abortion services as well. Keep in mind that abortion is not legal everywhere. The issue of abortion is a divisive one. Some covers will cover your abortion costs, while others will not.

The issue of STIs is also a sensitive one. Insurance is meant to cover you against unforeseen risks. Your health insurance coverage might or might not cover you for your STI treatments. It all depends on the specifics of the cover. If you are planning to seek the services of planned parenthood, especially about pregnancy, you need to consult with your health service provider to find out whether they will cover you.

When it comes to issues such as cancer treatment and screening, most, if not all, health insurance covers will cover the costs regardless of where you are getting your healthcare from. Cancer falls right into the category of unforeseen health risks and makes it easy for you to claim your health insurance benefits. Planned parenthood is mainly about sexual health and childbirth. There are a lot of complexities surrounding how insurance companies handle such health issues. You need to consult closely to ensure your health insurance cover will cater for the costs of your sexual and childbearing healthcare in case of any eventuality.

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